Listening Meditation

Listening Meditation

This meditation course is designed by Rita Upadhi Maggi from Italy, who has thirty years of experience in energy work. She has developed with SW. Chidvilas O.P.H., a method of activation of the vital energies and an invitation to self healing. With her long experience of Osho's work, she has developed a synthesis between the ancient art of pranic practice, the energetic work on the aura field and meditation.

This course is widely circulated in more than 30 countries around the world after being translated into various language versions. With this program you will learn listening to all the sounds around you. Listening is natural, it's naturalist that the sun rising in the morning, and falling in the evening. So it's natural for our ears to hear any sound, any sound reaching to them. Just by listening and naturally breathing, you may find relaxation begins to happen inside you with every sound and every space between the sounds.

Once you learn this simple and easy technique, you can do it anywhere and anytime to make yourself be alert and relaxed. So let's get started.


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Listening Meditation
Length: 21.19 minutes          
Description: Feel calm and relaxed by listening to every sound here, now, simply, naturally.
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