Anger Management- Control and Master Your Anger Fast

Anger Management- Control and Master Your Anger Fast

Anger Management- Control and Master Your Anger Fast

-Master your anger
-Enforce Control on Your Anger
-Release Your Anger Creatively
-Get Rid of Your Anger Issues
-Become very self controlled

If you have ever seen the movie Anger Management, then you know what it is like to need help like that. The crime rate in the country and the world is largely as a result of anger issues. Anger is known as one of the greatest and most destructive sins. That’s because one can ruin a lifetime of efforts, work and relationship in one weak moment of anger. Napoleon the Great was in his time, a great leader and conqueror. However, one of his subordinates in the courts at the time said they knew the end of Napoleon was near when he lost his temper and gave into fits of rage in public.

The inability to control your anger can cost you more than you can imagine. People have thrown away their future and lives just because they “lost it” for a few moments. Most people with anger issues generally hate the fact that they cannot control their temper. Research has shown that many heart attacks are often triggered by episodes of uncontrolled anger. Many homicides were committed when the assailant was enraged. Kids beat each other up in school and carry out shootings because they are angry.

The thing is anger is a normal aspect of life. As long as you involved with people and have some form of interaction with them, you will always find occasions for anger. Someone somewhere will rub you the wrong way intentionally or unintentionally. It’s life, get over it.  However, it doesn't have to lead to explosions of rage, insults, losing your temper, and bouts of mania. Everyone get angry once in a while, but there are people who get angry for just about any reason. They get angry without reason; everything just pisses them off; they are irritated at everything and everyone. Worse still, they tend to always express their anger in violent ways. Those who don't, do it passive-aggressively. Some resort to physical assaults, others make do with verbal assaults.

Whatever the case may be, you should know that you don't have to remain like this. Our anger management recordings help you get a firm grip on your anger, keep you calmer and with time, will reduce the bottled up anger inside you. Most people with anger issues do not like it. They wish they could break free from all that “poison”. You can break free using our powerful anger management brainwave recordings. The half delta, half theta- specific frequencies employed in the recordings help soothe the nerves and calms the mind.

You can live a richer, fuller life, you can live in peace with your family, you can actually allow things to slide. You can live very calmly, refusing to react and lose your cool with our brainwave recordings. Your family, friends and loved ones do not have to tiptoe around you. Your kids and spouse do not have to live in fear of you. You can transform your life and get rid of all that anger if you let us help you.

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Anger Management
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: High Delta / Med Theta
Description: Reduce your anger with these documented frequencies
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