Creativity- Increase your Creative Ideas and Creativity Levels

Creativity- Increase your Creative Ideas and Creativity Levels

Most Powerful Creativity Enhancement Tool Around!


  • Works Every Time Without Fail

  • No Extensive Practice Required

  • Increases Creativity In Minutes

  • Relieves Thought Pattern Blockages

Creativity works on a very deep level, and is a more automatic process than you may think.  Deep analysis of situations is good when faced with problems that require an analytical solution, but often this mode of thinking can block the creative process.  When faced with a problem that has a unique solution, some people find it difficult to just let go and let the ideas flow from them.  With our program, these ideas are tapped as your brain is put into a state that bypasses analytical thinking.

There's a reason all of your greatest ideas happen just before you go to bed or right after you wake up.  During these times you are at your most creative, because you are more in tune with your spiritual mind.  During this phase, ideas are numerous.  So numerous, in fact, that we forget most of them.  Unfortunately, the conscious mind doesn't focus the thought patterns in specific directions.  Can you imagine what you would be capable of if you focused the power of your most creative dreams, and could wield it with your conscious mind?  What would you be able to create if your true mind were unlocked Writer's block would become a thing of the past.  Acting would become a breeze.  Every idea your mind is screaming to let out would be possible to share with the world.  The most brilliant thinker of all time from artists to scientists were able to think up incredible things because they were able to tap into this part of their brain.  Remember you are a creator.  We owe it to the world to share this creativity to better humanity.

If it sounds incredible, let me explain the way the creative process works.  The left brain is often associated with mathematical prowess, logic, language, and the hard sciences. Meanwhile, the right brain is more of a free roaming explorer that likes to explore different places at random, picking up ideas and connecting them to other ideas and tossing ones that don't quite work right over its shoulder.  When we dream we are almost entirely focused on the right brain, which is why many images in our dreams don't quite seem to make sense.  The left brain is not as active, and rarely fleeces out these illogical ideas.  As a result our brains are immersed entirely in the creative process.

Our creativity entrainment program takes the potential of the right brain, and quiets the left brain's activity so that ideas can flow freely and become conscious without automatically being shut down before the conscious mind gets a chance to look at them.  The free flow of ideas while in a meditative state is also advantageous, as ideas will not be forgotten like dreams are.  The transition between consciousness and sleep is a very drastic process that causes us to forget many great ideas.  Thanks to Brainwave Entrainment Technologies, this process is less intense and the brain can hold on to the ideas it has.

Ease your mind with our creativity recordings, and let the scientific miracle of binaural beats bring you to a level of deep relaxation.  Let the spiritual side of you be in control for a while and it will show you things you would never see outside of your wildest dreams.  Right now the next great movie idea is flowing through your brain somewhere.  Right now you know exactly how to make your life the productive fun fulfilling adventure it should be.  Quiet down your left brain with our program and discover how to start living that life today!

How Does It Work?
Binaural Beats-  Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone which is the difference between the two. This allows the brain to directly tune into a frequency that the ear cannot hear! The entire range of Alpha and Theta frequencies (between 5-12 Hz) have been tested extensively in several studies.  It has been found that using a specific combination of frequencies within the Alpha, Theta, and Delta ranges triggers creative thought.  Simply lay down and listen, and you will experience deep relaxation as your inner brain takes over.

Isochronic Tones- If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic Tones are the way to go. Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.  In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D.  published a case in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that a group of 8 college students increased their GPA with the use of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA continued to increase even after the experiment was finished....

Many creative people have learned how to tap this place in their brains at will, causing them to become famous writers, film directors, musicians, and artists.  The "creativity zone" in your brain as well as dedication to your craft is the true secret to becoming a brilliant creator.  Now capturing that brilliance is no problem with our program.  Quickly after you start using the program, you'll find yourself coming up with ideas that make other people say, "Wow!  Why didn't I think of that?"  You could tell them about this technology, or you could let them figure it out themselves.  It's time you had something that gave YOU an advantage and put YOU in control of your own destiny.

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Creativity Balancer
Length: 10 Minutes           Brain State: Low Theta
Description: A beautiful melody which warms you up by bring your conscious to rest while balancing your creativity sensors.
Isochronic Tone Instant Download   $20 Add to Cart
Binaural Beats Instant Download   $12 Add to Cart
Problem Solver
Length: 15 Minutes           Brain State: Low Theta
Description: Helps you get past mind blockages which hold you back. Also helps you trust your inner voice.
Isochronic Tone Instant Download   $20 Add to Cart
Binaural Beats Instant Download   $14 Add to Cart
Creative Free Flow
Length: 20 Minutes           Brain State: Low Theta
Description: Swim in the low Theta ranges and enter the full realm of creativity. Let your mind free!
Isochronic Tone Instant Download   $20 Add to Cart
Binaural Beats Instant Download   $12 Add to Cart
Creative Visualization
Length: 20 Minutes           Brain State: Low Theta
Description: Visualizing is one of the most important steps in mind development. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it.
Isochronic Tone Instant Download   $20 Add to Cart
Binaural Beats Instant Download   $14 Add to Cart
Creativity Package Deal
Description: Get them all. Listening to the four recordings in a row makes a great session. You are a creator, start creating!
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Binaural Beats Instant Download   $36 Add to Cart
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