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The Unexplainable Store is proud to present the world's first Isochronic Crystal Activation Technology! This revolutionary new way to "clean" and "charge" gems and crystals gives the holder the power to control the frequencies directed and focused at the crystals and activate them for specific purposes. You probably already know that crystals and gemstones are very widely accepted throughout the metaphysical and spiritual community as a "must have" for the serious practitioner. Pay a visit to the library and you will see that there is no shortage of information on the topic. The special connection between crystals and the wellness of people has been studied for centuries, and now we learned how to purge solid crystals and gemstones clean and empower them to resonate with singular isochronic frequencies.

Rocks, minerals, crystals, gems and stones of all kinds come from deep within the earth where they are subject to the earth's vibrations and energies from its powerful electromagnetic fields, and other frequency altering agents such as those created by electrical grids, drilling and mining machinery, and other man-made technologies  Additionally, the planets, stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies impart their own energy vibrations onto the earth which influence the underlying minerals, gems and crystals.  If you are going to use crystals from the earth for healing purposes then all the extraneous energies need to be purged or discharged from them before they can be "tuned" or programmed for optimal performance.  It is very much like formatting a computer disk before writing to it.  So how do you "format" and activate your crystals?  There are some natural and traditional ways to do this which include exposing them to the sun, moon, and flowing water.   One of these methods would have you bury your tumbled crystals in the dirt for a while - placing them back inside the earth so to speak.

Traditional methods of charging healing stones have been shown to work, but with inconsistent results, imparting random and man-made frequencies to the crystals.  We thought that there had to be a better way, a way of applying existing technology in order to concentrate focused energy onto a crystal to accurately imprint a new resonant frequency.  Through the use of isochronic tones we learned how to merge several different outside frequencies together in harmony with the many resonances within the subject crystal and imprint them on it.

When a "narrow field" was applied, the results further improved.   A new technology was born, and we knew that we could use this technology to clean and activate natural crystals and stones.  Gemstones and crystals can be cleaned and activated individually or in clusters.   You can activate individual gems for specific purposes, or you charge up a cluster of assorted gems for one general purpose.  To this end we have undertaken to offer affordable, downloadable activation recordings with our new high-quality tumbled gemstone packages in the unexplainable store.  This way you have the ability to customize your order to suit your specific needs.  Your "unformatted" crystals and healing stones will arrive ready to clean and activate.  Just follow the simple instructions that accompany the activation audio which you play on any standard player.  Let your crystals soak up the healing energy of these isochronic tones.  The cleaning and charging process takes about 30 minutes. 

Your stones and crystals will need to be reformatted and activated on a regular basis, and we do include instructions on how to perform this function.  It is recommended that you clean and recharge your stones at least 4 times each year.  The best time to do this is on the regular equinox and solstice during change of season.  Your stones can be cleaned and activated more often if desired but understand that crystals and stones will hold a charge like a battery, but with a difference - gems and stones last forever!

Crystals are widely found in the many types of electronic products and battery-driven time pieces in use today.  From the classic "crystal radio", to the popular quartz digital wrist watch, you might be using or wearing crystals right now.  Crystals are commonly used in communication radios, power generation equipment, and computer laptop screens.  Components that are "crystal tuned" are most often found inside high-end electronics and sensitive technical instruments.  Since the power of crystals is so widely understood by so many, it is very easy to understand how they came to be so useful to practitioners who labor in the spiritual realm.

Man discovered the power within crystals and stones thousands of years ago.  They have been shown to have mysterious and other-worldly properties.  Crystals can resonate in harmony with several different frequencies.  To "fine tune" them for the purposes of having them respond to a single frequency involves cutting pieces off of them in order to remove the unwanted vibrations.  We like our gemstones and crystals to possess the potential to resonate with the full spectrum of vibrations desired most by our users.  To accomplish this, we exclusively carry tumbled stones.  Tumbling creates a smoother and more uniform stone which feels better when held in the hand.  The smooth clear surface of the stone also cuts down on outside interference, and allows a fuller penetration and better absorption of the isochronic tones.  Isochronically activated stones have enhanced healing powers, a very useful characteristic which today's science has yet to catch up with.

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These are the Gems that we deem worthy of Isochronic Activation. This list may change as evaluations and supplies change. These Photos Are The Actual Gems and Crystals you will receive. Taken By Us. You can see the actual size compared to the quarter in each picture. Click the pictures or "Details" button to enlarge to high resolution.

Crystal Sets

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Packages come complete with a Cleansing and Activation via MP3 Download, a Crystal Activation Instructions in PDF, and a Velvet Pouch containing the Gems.

We also offer Individual Crystal Activation MP3 Recordings, that can be used to activate your own Gems and Crystals or to activate different Gems with Different Frequencies.

Differences Between Brainwave and Crystal Recordings

Unlike our Brainwave Entrainment technology, Crystal Activation Isochronics use no music or background noises. They use Narrow isochronics alone. It sounds like a high pitched BUZZZ... Our crystal sets are activated with the exact same frequencies that our isochronic recordings use, but the recordings are not swappable. You can use these crystals sets while you listen to your entrainment sessions. Even when you can't listen to audios, just carrying the crystals around will keep you in-check with the frequencies that bring success to you! They are most powerful when they are touching your body!

Difference Between The Crystal Sets

Our packages are designed with different combinations of crystals that are activated under different frequency parameters. Each crystal or gem is selected based on metaphysical and spiritual characteristics of the particular stone and matched to the desired outcome. These combinations are then cleansed and user activated with pure isochronic audio for the specific purpose.

Crystal and Gem Sizes

These are Nice Sized Gems. They are not the small shards you have seen at gift shops. They are all "Grade A" Prime Gems that have some weight to them. You can see the actual sizes in the pictures, as we have quarters for reference in each picture. "Grade A" means that these are the clear quality stones which are the top choice. We never use "Grade B" Gems.


A Free Isochronic Video & A Full Length Recording