Drastically Improve Your Eyesight

-Improve Your Eyesight with Minimal Effort
-Intensive Learning is NOT Necessary
-Start Seeing Results in a Short While
-Get Better Eyesight Without Spending Thousands on Corrective Eye Surgery

The eyes are often affectionately referred to as the doorway to the soul. Nothing can quite match the beauty it sees and relays back to the mind. Having an excellent eyesight is a must these days. Imagine being blind and living in total and absolute darkness all the days of your life! That’s not something anyone wants to go through.

These days however, there is a rapidly increasing spate of poor eyesight; whether it is long sightedness or short sightedness. All forms of eye malady aren’t good. Not being able to see afar unless you put on your glasses or contact lens isn’t convenient. While you may be used to it, wouldn’t you rather you could see very far without your glasses?

You don't have to continually suffer the humiliation of not seeing anything until you wear your glasses. The first thing you have to reach for in the morning doesn't have to be your eyeglasses. It is possible to wake up in the morning and reach for your spouse or a good book without first instinctively reaching for your glasses. Your life and sight should be solely dependent on your contact lenses or glasses. With our powerful high alpha and delta dual tone brainwave technology, you can improve your eyesight quickly.

Research has shown that there are over 5 million people in the US alone suffering from one form of eye problem or the other. In fact, because we’re perpetually “glued” to the computer screen 8 or so hours a day, many have become short sighted. To further buttress this, research has shown that more 60% of all employees in a given workplace suffer some form of eye problem, even when it isn’t obvious.

You no longer have to suffer from astigmatism, cataracts, influenced blindness, macular degeneration and glaucoma to mention a few. You can live a richer fuller, “glass-free” life if you are ready to do so. Our brainwave technology helps make sure that you eyesight gets corrected and becomes even better after using it. Our brainwave technology uses High Alpha and Delta dual frequencies at a specific audible carrier that studies shows- influences physical vision / and is associated with eyes.

Food for Thought

-People who use glasses are less attractive
-They become addicted to their eye glasses so badly that in case of an emergency, they are usually at risk
-Suffer from recurrent migraines
-Living like this can seriously limit you and probably cost you very important things.

People miss appointments all the time because they didn’t read their appointment sheets with their glasses.

So What’s the Deal?

Our brainwave technology uses High Alpha and Delta dual frequencies at a specific audible carrier that studies show influences physical vision and is associated with eyes. With this, you can finally get rid of those dorky glasses, see clearer, not have to worry if you’re sure of what you’re seeing and finally look into your spouse’s or baby’s eyes without any aid whatsoever.

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Eyesight Enhancer
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: High Alpha / High Delta Dual Tone
Description: Use these documented frequencies to stimulate your eyes
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