Tools to combat jet lag

Tools to combat jet lag

Jet lag syndrome, also known as "time zone change syndrome", is a common problem associated with airline travel across multiple time zones. The majority of individuals traveling across 5 or more time zones will experience jet lag to some degree.
Jet lag is the result of a rather sudden mismatch between the body's own internal clock (circadian rhythms) and that of the environment around us. The body's circadian rhythms usually cycle somewhere between a 24 to 25 hour time period and tell us when it is time to go to sleep and when to awaken. These rhythms are reset daily to match a 24 hour day by factors such as exposure to daylight and social cues, for example when meals are eaten. However, when traveling across multiple time zones rapidly (i.e. by jet flight), these influences now occur at times different from what the body is expecting, and this mismatch can result in problems.

How does it work!

This tone uses frequencies that have been shown to combat jetlag.  Jet lag disrupts the body’s rhythm producing fatigue and disorientation. This brainwave session, Anti-Jetlag in Isochronic Tones,  will help center you again resyncing the circadian rhythm and aligning all body functions at their best level.  Harmonically-layered with soothing background music, it helps relieve jetlag symptoms by adjusting your brain to the without any side-effect. So don't forget to bring this one along when you travel next time.

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Relax and Sleep
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: Beta/Theta/Delta
Description: Slow down your busy mind and gradually lead it to deep sleep.
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Energy Refresh
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: Theta/Beta
Description: Take away your jet lag symptoms with refreshing energy.
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