Language Learning

Language Learning

Quickly Improve Your Language Learning Capacity

-Quickly improve your language learning capacity
-Stimulate your sub-conscious to automatically “absorb” new languages
-Improve the quality of your life with new languages
-Get results speedily

It is becoming increasingly imperative to learn how to speak one or more languages these days. Not only does it look good on your CV, it also looks good when you’re in a social circle, when you need to order your Chinese food, and impressing people. Because language is important, many people are looking to learn one or more languages apart from their local dialect. However, learning languages can be very difficult, particularly for adults. Unlike kids that have an ability to quickly “soak up” a new language, most adults have to struggle through language learning courses and lessons.

You don't have to wait until you have thousands of dollars before you can develop a flair for a new language. Learning new languages isn’t difficult if your neural pathways are fine tuned and honed to pick up languages. Some people are pretty good at picking up a new language. But their retention rate is really poor. They may be able to repeat what you may have just told them, but 30 minutes after, they would have forgotten what they had just learned. With our dual high alpha and delta tone woven into our powerful brainwave technology, you cannot but produce phenomenal results in language retention and learning.

You cannot afford to miss out on the many opportunities available for you to choose from just because you cannot retain or learn a new language. Many people consistently have to battle with wrong pronunciations just because they haven’t understood the language. So they could be saying one thing and it could mean another. You don't want to be in an embarrassing situation because you said what you didn’t mean in another language!

Research has shown that when the brain is adequately stimulated with certain tones, it helps create a really better, relaxed state of mind required for maximum learning and absorption. With our brainwave technology, you no longer have to worry about forgetting that sentence you just learned an hour ago. You don't have to keep searching for words. You don't have to keep looking like a bumbling fool. You can come across as astute, suave, intelligent, brilliant and smart; all thanks to our brainwave technology.

Facts to Consider

-People with more than one language on their CVs stand a better chance of employment
-People who can speak many languages are seen as charismatic and impressive
-Most influential people are typically capable of speaking two or more internationally recognized languages

So what’s the Deal?

Our Dual frequency Alpha and Delta designed for accelerated language retention can drastically improve your life.  Life can be lived on your own terms. You can get a job on your own terms with an extra language added to your skillset. You can go from mid-level management to heading an entire division just because you understand other languages.

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Language Learning
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: Alpha and Delta Dual Tone
Description: Expand your language learning ability with these perfect frequencies.
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Learn Language While You Sleep
Length: 35 Minutes           Brain State: Delta
Description: Induce you into a particular brain state which is associated with enhanced language learning while you sleep. Especially for students.
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Language Learning Package
Description: Get your brain to language learning state. Includes 2 recordings above.
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