Mind Body Detox

Mind Body Detox

The need to detox your body and mind is more important than ever…

Why do we need it?

Everyday our bodies are exposed to external toxins such as pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals.  At the same time, we  internally produce waste byproducts through normal metabolic function. Although our body is designed to release internal and external toxins naturally, there is no living system that has the ability to rid itself completely of all the toxins and waste products it encounters. Over time, this build up leads to an ever increasing toxic load, which may contribute to various medical conditions.
As surely as those poisons affect your body, distressing thoughts, beliefs and behaviors poison your mental health by creating unhappiness and stress. Mental and emotional toxicity builds up as you react and make choices that hook you into the stress cycle over and over. Triggers often revolve around problems with relationships, jobs, finances, busyness, illness, negative self talk, and other challenges. Cultural and religious beliefs and expectations you try to live by that are not aligned with your true beliefs can also keep chronically stressed.

For optimal health, regular mind body detox needs to be an integrated part of living a healthy lifestyle. That means cleaning out mental garbage as well as helping your body get rid of chemicals. When mental and physical toxins are kept to a minimum, your entire being is free to function better and have more vitality for pursuing what is important to you.

How does it work?
This brainwave session entrains your brain to alpha/theta state, which is deeply calming and mentally cleansing. Additionally, it can allow for new helpful insights to whatever challenges you are facing. Clear mental stress and clutter, and get creative insight! While this is all happening, your whole nervous system will be soothed by the specially made 'sound table" --vibrations of the same deeply relaxing entrainment sounds piped through the massage table!

The session ends in Delta waves to massage your brain into relaxation. You’ll tingle all over with a rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body. A revitalizing flood of positive energy is released as your autonomic nervous system relaxes into deep states of reverie. At the end of thirty minutes you feel cleansed and refreshed at the deepest levels.

Benefits of using this brainwave session:
- Clear mental stress and clutter
- Vitalize your natural detoxification systems
- Refresh your brain and restore your energy
- Wash away stress and tension

Realize that as a holistic being, a toxic body affects your mental states just as surely as a distressed mind compromises your physical health. That is why it is so important to detox your mind and body as a regular part of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Mind-Body Detox
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: Alpha/Theta/Delta
Description: Mind-Body Detox- Remove mental and physical toxins
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