No Regrets

No Regrets


It's Time to Let Go. Focus on the Future. Better Yourself and Eliminate Regrets.

It's no mystery that sometimes bad luck just comes around and forces us through experiences that can leave us with gnawing guilt for a long time. And there are still other times when we simply can't get over something we've done wrong in the past. Ask yourself: If you could do it over again, would you do it differently now? Why make yourself suffer forever if you know you're more capable of dealing with the same situations now than you were then? As we get more experienced, we should be able to earn ourselves a second chance. But unfortunately, for so many of us this seems as far away as the past itself.

The reason for this is because guilt is an emotion like any other. It's a state of mind that can be brought on by triggers - such as an anniversary, a smell, or even a specific word or name. These triggers can be so common, however, that they threaten to move the guilt from a simple reactionary behavior to habitual behavior. With this phenomenon, the brain considers guilt to be the default setting. Many people have lived with guilt so long, they've essentially forgotten how to live life differently. It's time for that to change. It's time to get your life back so you can start enjoying yourself again.

No matter what the regrets are, you certainly don't deserve to suffer indefinitely. We all make mistakes, and we all grow and better ourselves as a result. Imagine for a moment now living your life without that gnawing guilt. Do you ever think about going back to the time before the event or events happened that made you feel guilt in the first place? If so, then there is a solution.

Regret may feel like a positive emotion, or a justified emotion, but we need only look at the emotions regret can lead to and we clearly see that it isn't the positive constructive emotion it sometimes is said to be. Regret brings about fear, anger, and jealousy. It kills happiness and destroys hope. It replaces everything good we have with more bad. And how can you lead a positive healthy life of helping others and yourself when you're overburdened by something you cannot control? Don't try to control your past. Control your future right now.

Facts to Consider:

  • Guilt is an incredibly paralyzing emotion. It takes away our freedom and fills us with negativity.
  • Like so many other things, every individual regret is a learned regret.
  • Regret doesn't serve any function in your brain chemistry except as a modifier for future behavior.
  • To be governed by guilt is to lose your freedom.


How we can help:

Our powerful High Beta frequency retrains neural pathways away from the habitual regrets you feel by focusing your brain power away from obsessive thinking about the past. After your regrets are desensitized you can begin rebuilding and start living a better life. Regrets may surround events that we cannot change, but the present is where we are and the present is where we have the power to regain control.

How Does It Work?

Binaural Beats- Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves, which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone, making up the difference of the two. It instantly reacts to these frequencies causing a Shift In Consciousness. Using this technology, your brain can be programmed to weed out interferences and open up the communication channels inside your mind that are blocked by your own consciousness.

Isochronic Tones- If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic tones are the way to go. Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.  In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D.  published a case in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that a group of 8 college students increased their GPA with the use of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA continued to increase even after the brainwave entrainment was finished....

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