Organic Meditation Music

Organic Meditation Music

Daniel Espada is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Madrid, Spain. From a small town in the Sierra de Gredos (Spain), surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush forests, I compose this meditative music created from the space of Being. All the music is original, organic and real, played with ancient instruments with their own magic and identity. I am passionate about the instruments and ancient music, I love traveling, discovering new sounds and instruments, diving its history, its message, and its voice. For this, I decided compile all travel discovered in recent years, and compose music with these wonderful instruments from different corners of the world, feeling its unique and special color.

The flute of love, or Native American flute has its roots in the tradition of Native North America. It was used to seduce the young beloved, for healing, or in rituals and ceremonies like the Sun Dance. The magic that give off Native American flutes is deeply related to the wisdom of those who built them, turning them into musical instruments very beautiful, simple, but with a deep sense of mysticism. Its melodies and soothing sounds evoke the sacred and bring us back to our true Self.

Music & meditation share something in essence. There is no better meditation than to stay in the state of presence as pure consciousness. Music, when it's created from this natural state of Being, has a wonderful vibration. It is when you stop identifying with your false 'I' and you simply are; that is when you can experience the deep joy of music -- a joy and happiness that can't be compared with anything else in this world. This reflection is an invitation to Be, to embrace the Unity, to enjoy creating and sharing from our natural state, from Love. May we bring that vibration to music and to everything we do. May our journeys into soul bring us peace and harmony.

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The Frequency of Being
Length: 13.33 minutes          
Description: Feel and immerse in the magic of the Native American flute.
Remaining Still
Length: 11.26 minutes          
Description: Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Native American flute, Castanet, Rain stick.
Like the Polar Star
Length: 14.18 minutes          
Description: Authentic music composed from the heart.
In the Heart
Length: 21.40 minutes          
Description: These melodies and soothing sounds evoke the sacred and bring us back to our true Self.
Organic Meditation Music
Description: Organic Meditation offers meditative music played with authentic ancient instruments, including all recordings above.
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