Wake Up

Wake Up

Learn How to Wake Up Feeling Absolutely Energized

-Wake up fully energized
-Quick vibrant awakening
-Immediate relief from the inability to get out of bed
-Makes waking up just as pleasant as falling asleep

Sleep is a necessary part of daily routine. During sleep, the body is supposed to be totally and completely rested so that you can wake up feeling really energized and ready to take on another day. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. Too many times, we have woken up from a decent night’s sleep only to find that our bodies just seem slow, unresponsive and unwilling to take on the day. Sometimes, even after sleeping for 7-8 hours, we find it still isn’t enough. People still generally wake up in the morning feeling like they need even more sleep.

It doesn't have to be like that continuously. You can wake up feeling completely alive and awake even if you have had just 3-4 hours of sleep. Using our brainwave recordings, you can easily start your day filled with abundant energy and a clear mind. Not just that, you can wake up early to meet your appointments, work on that book you’ve been planning to write and attend to that work project you have been delaying. And the best part? You don't need coffee or any other stimulant to keep or stay awake. All you need to do is play our brainwave recording.

Research has shown that [people who work in the city usually have a rough time waking up early the next morning to beat the traffic rush. That’s the reason coffee is so popular. It basically keeps one awake. While stimulants can keep you awake, keeping away or not taking them for one or two days will be counterproductive. Why? Because stimulants contain addictive agents. For example, if you’re someone who typically takes 3-4 espressos daily and suddenly stopped, you will experience some withdrawal syndromes.

You don't have to live on stimulants like coffee before you can wake up early and stay awake without the feeling of needing more sleep. You can achieve the same –and in this case healthier results- by using our low beta frequency brainwave recordings. Whether you’re a student or a parent, you can wake up fresh and mentally alert.

Thoughts to Consider

  • 85%-90% of all employees are addicted to stimulants
  • Most people do not like the fact that they are addicted, but can’ t break the habit because they need their stimulants
  • They can’t concentrate unless they get their "shot"

So What’s the Deal?

Our Low Beta frequency recordings help you wake up faster. You can play the recording when you want to wake up.  The low beta frequencies are known to release oxygen and calcium into the cells for a vibrant awakening. Also, you can play on timer when ready to wake. It is that simple. You can wake up with perfect mental alertness and live a richer, more productive life without stimulants using our powerful brainwave wake up technology.


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Wake Up
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: Gentle Beta
Description: Release Oxygen and Calcium Into Your Cells When You Wake Up
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