Yoga Enhancer

Yoga Enhancer

Get Faster Results from Yoga With Minimal Exertion

- Quicker, Long Lasting Results
- Incredibly Easy to Master
- Doesn't Take Up Your Time

These days, many people fall sick as a result of the stress and anxiety they go through every day. From the demands of the kids to their work deadline, most people just about break under all that tension and stress. Sadly, while having a high powered or very demanding work or schedule can be good for the ego, it is not often good for the body. Research has shown that even some the best spies who are trained and genetically structured to survive long bouts of stress and tension usually see a shrink or get some sort of mental counseling periodically. When they don’t, they snap.

You, on the other hand are not as well trained as they are. As a result, you seriously need an outlet, a tool for relaxation, a regime that will help calm the nerves and help you find some balance in the chaotic schedule you are currently going through. Yoga has long been known to help people relieve stress, anxiety and tension. It focuses on helping awakening the energy centers known as chakras in key areas of the body, thus rejuvenating or “recharging” the energy centers.

Yoga combines both mental and physical disciplines and regimes to help you achieve peace of mind and body. Research has shown that when the mind is at rest, the body naturally, tends to follow suit. Ardent yoga practitioners are known to be happier, live more contentedly and are generally more centered in their daily lives. Work is often easier and less stressful, deadlines are easier to meet, productivity is considerably enhanced and more importantly, personal relationships are better cherished and nurtured.

So, instead of transferring your aggressions on your loved ones and being a total jerk, you can let off the steam using our Yoga Enhancer. The Yoga Enhancer's High BETA frequency is known to awaken mid chakras and balance of chakras thus making it perfect to do yoga while listening.

This, combined with your yoga sessions is sure to tremendously improve your general well being and get you faster results. Using our brainwave technology while practicing yoga, you are more likely to notice an improved, deeper, more relaxing breathing technique as your energy centers and chakras are opened, feel increasingly strengthened while relaxed and come out of your session feeling as good as new.

All you have to do to enjoy this is listen to Yoga Enhancer whilst doing your yoga exercises. The binaural beats are there to help you relax better, concentrate more, slide easier into the regimens, master the poses and improve your deep breathing. It does this by awakening core areas of your Self.

Food For Thought

- Most Heart Attack Episodes are Induced by Long Sustained Periods of Stress and Anxiety
- When the Body Cells are Recharged, there are More Living Cells Resulting in Better Health
- Life Expectancy is Generally Increased Due to the Exercises
- Bad Habits like Smoking and Drinking are Kicked out because the Triggers are Taken Care Of

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Yoga Enhancer
Length: 30 Minutes           Brain State: High Beta
Description: Buzz at a perfect beta frequency as you practice Yoga
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