Relax for Romance

Full Length : 14.45min

What Relax for Romance is about:

Romance and romantic intimacy means different things to different people at different stages of life. Ultimately romantic intimacy is about relationship, whether with another person, a being, a place, or one’s self. In the course of managing the demands of making a living, managing a household, care taking, creative outlets, and concerns about our global community and environment, an area of our lives that can become lost or neglected is romantic intimacy.

This Hypnotherapy is about reclaiming romance and rediscovering the meanings of romance. It is about giving yourself permission to let go of worries and distractions and create the time and space for romance. It is about self-acceptance, being fully present, and releasing idealizations that certain things must happen. It is about experiencing the sacred in each ordinary moment.

It is time to Relax for Romance.


• Male voice track

• Pleasant background music that helps you relax

In addition, to help you relax, sleep better, we also include below sessions as a free gift with each purchase:

-   White Noise with Theta-Wave
-   Pink Noise with Theta-Wave



This session is not a replacement for medication, medical or psychological advice, or the supervision and treatment of a licensed healthcare professional.

  • Relax for Romance


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