Self-hypnosis for Weight Control

Full Length : 49.27min

Have you ever wanted to lose weight –

• and keep it off

• without counting calories

• without engaging in fad diets

• without feeling you needed more will power than you have


Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control is a simple, gentle, natural, and powerful tool to achieve your goal weight while developing a balanced way of living that maintains a healthy body weight.

Almost everyone who has attempted to lose weight has experienced frustration along the way to their goal.  When starting any weight control program it is important to remember that there is no end point.  Achieving your goal weight is only part of the journey.  The real goal is living - living in a healthful and balanced way that facilitates a healthy body weight.  This is why the means of achieving your goal must be simple, normal, everyday, behaviors that you make a habit of.  That is what makes this program so powerful.

Harnessing the strength and abilities of both your conscious and subconscious mind, Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control –

• strengthens your confidence

• is simple, gentle, natural, and powerful

• subtly helps you develop the healthy living habits that keep the weight off as you achieve your goal weight

• is a gift that you give to yourself for a lifetime


In addition, to help you relax, sleep better, we also include below sessions as a free gift with each purchase:

-   White Noise with Theta-Wave
-   Pink Noise with Theta-Wave


Please note this is not an alternative to medical treatment.*

  • Self-hypnosis for Weight Control


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