Astrology Readings

After ordering an Astrology Reading, you will be asked for personal information about yourself, including birth date, birth place, etc. This information is used to generate your personal reading. Once submitted, allow up to 48 business hours for your personal reading to be complete and emailed to you in PDF format. Most times- we are able to complete readings Same Day, BUT allow up to 48 business hours for your personal reading to be complete and emailed to you in PDF format.

The Child Star Reading

Let the Stars Guide Your Most Important Work Ever Natal Reports from Unexplainable Astrology Our children are the greatest gift the universe can bring us. But there's a great responsibility that comes with raising them. Not only will you be having to deal with the events that come up in your own life, you'll have to be dealing with the events of their lives as well and working to ensure they get the most out of their opportunities. What kind of person will they be? Where will their strengths lie? What weaknesses will they have to overcome? Natal Reports are some of the best guidance you'll ever receive, and each one is specially designed for the person it was made for. You already know what difficulties we all face when we commit to raising a successful and happy child. It's time to do more than just guess what will work best for your children. It's time to look into their own personal star chart to help not only them, but you as well....

The Timeline Reading

Understand Your Past, Change Your Future Timeline Reports from Unexplainable Astrology Just as every event that occurs in the universe is represented in a single drop of water, your life and the future of it all is understood in the same drop. In fact, everything that happens in this world happens as the result of powerful forces moving all across the planet on all levels from the smallest microbe to the planets themselves. As our planet heads into a very interesting system in the coming years, expert astrologers are warning that soon we will be in more need of perspective than ever. And nowhere is that perspective as reliable or as well respected as the art of Astrology. And no astrological system is as carefully balanced and weighed as the one guiding our expertly designed reports at Unexplainable Astrology....

The Astro Talk Reading

Do You Ever Feel Like You Were Meant For More? Personal Reports from Unexplainable Astrology We all feel that distant inner voice sometimes. Do you feel like this is only a fraction of what you could be doing with your life? Do you feel a calling, but can't quite place where it is coming from? Do you find yourself excited by far off exotic adventures? Or do you know deep down you're meant to be artistically brilliant? Everyone has an ideal life they could be living figured out deep down inside themselves. They just need that greater understanding of who they are that makes it all possible. What will your greater understanding bring you? If you look deep down at what you want most, you'll find it. Our personal reports tell you everything you need to know to live that life that answers that inner voice...

The Lovers & Friends Reading

Get The Most From Your Relationships Synastry Reports from Unexplainable Astrology Synastry is the ancient art of comparing the birth charts of two different people to learn if the two attract and make a positive nurturing environment for creativity and success or if they warn of impending dangers. By studying your compatibility with your most intimate lover, you can discover where your relationship strengths and weaknesses lie. And if your relationships are strengthened by what you learn from our reports, you can move to the next level easily and build bonds that will last a lifetime. We all want that kind of success. But there are more relationships than just our romantic ones...
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