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Calm Down
Length: 10 Minutes
Brain State: Mid Theta
Description: Short session to release your stress and calm yourself down. Listen and relax.
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Deeper and Deeper
Length: 15 Minutes
Brain State: Alpha / Theta / Delta
Description: A break and then some! Your stress should vanish completely at this state.
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Inner Balance
Length: 15 minutes
Brain State: Alpha/Theta
Description: This session helps you find inner peace and emotional balance.
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Look Good & Feel Good Package
Description: Make a change today! Comes with Acne Healing Tones, Female Health, Clear Complexion, Fountain Of Youth, Serotonin Release, Hair Loss, and the entire Weight Loss Package!
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Quick Break
Length: 10 Minutes
Brain State: Theta
Description: Like "Calm Down" but has variations that meld well with the rest of this series.
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Relax With Music and Bells
Length: 15 Minutes
Brain State: Low Theta
Description: Like "Deeper and Deeper" but has some more music layers with calming bells.
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Relaxation Package Deal
Description: All 5 recordings compliment each other well and can be played in any order! Say goodbye to stress!
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Serotonin Release Recording
Length: 30 Minutes
Brain State: Alpha / Beta
Description: Get in a Happy Mood with this recording designed to raise your serotonin levels!
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Slow Down and Relax
Length: 20 Minutes
Brain State: Delta
Description: A full twenty minutes which not only clears your stress, but helps keep stress from returning anytime soon
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