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  • Opening up ALL streaming brainwave sessions to listen to for free
  • Full Access to all brainwave sessions in one handy app available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Save 35% to 60% on all MP3 downloads, save 35% On Astrology Readings!
  • Buy credits inside the members area to purchase ANY downloads we offer. 1 Credit Equals 1 Dollar
  • Receive instant access to entire newsletter collection

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About Unexplainable Store membership subscription
A Unexplainable Store membership subscription gives you access to our full library of streaming sessions to listen to for free, both on our website and in the Brainwaves app, as well as all new features and products that we release while your subscription is active.

Also, our membership options allow you to purchase MP3 downloads using our credit system( you can buy credits inside the members area to purchase ANY downloads we offer. 1 Credit Equals 1 Dollar). Members Save 35% to 60% on all MP3 downloads, save 35% On Astrology Readings!

All members will also receive instant access to our ENTIRE Newsletter Collection. Our newsletters cover popular subject matters like Astral Projection Manifestation, ESP, Creativity, Motivation and more! Currently there are over 85 newsletters and counting! This is over a year's worth of lessons- given to you instantly!

How to be a member?
To become a member you need to pick a monthly, quarterly, or lifetime subscription at, then create a membership account by submitting your email address and password. We ask you to create an account so that you don’t lose your session history, and so that you can access your membership privileges across multiple devices. Creating an account is free, and ensures that your progress is tracked.

After that, you will be guide to Clickbank Payment page to finish your membership registration.

To ensure uninterrupted service, our “Monthly” and “Quarterly” subscriptions automatically renew after the initial terms unless cancelled. This subscription fee will be the same as the rate paid at the time of purchase. If you purchased a subscription through the brainwaves app, you may disable the auto-renew feature for the app within iTunes / Google Play. If you have any question you can contact the app support team at

How to cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time in your membership account. If you cancel your Unexplainable Store account, you will retain access to your account until the subscription period end. After that, your account will be closed and deleted. Products from deleted accounts will not be retrieved. However, you can still use our brainwaves app to sync your purchased MP3 audios. Simply login to the brainwaves app with your account and check "My purchase list".

Note that, if you purchased your subscription through the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Market and wish to cancel your subscription, you can visit iTunes or Google Play for more details.

As it can be quite difficult to go through their refund policies, we would suggest if you didn’t have your heart set on trying to get a refund that you should get in contact with us to see if there’s anything we can do to help get you back on the road with your brainwave enlighten Journey.

How to download the app
Our app is currently available on Apple iOS and Android platforms. Click here to download it.

Sync your website subscription and purchase with brainwaves app
Your membership account can be synced across multiple devices, including your phone and computer. Once you have an membership account on Unexplainable Store website, simply make sure you’re logged in with the same email address within your brainwaves app.

If for any reason your website membership account not synced within the app, please first check that you're logging in to your online and app accounts with the same account. If this still doesn't help, please try logging out and back in the app.

Your website purchase should also be synced. You can find your purchase by tap "My Purchase List" tab within the app, Account. If for any reason you realize they're not, above method should also works for this problem.

Also, note that currently some of the sessions are only available on our website and not released in the app, so if you purchased these items, they should not get synced in the app, since the app don't have them in Store.

Besides, you can always contact us if you have any question or need any assistance.

About credit system
Members can purchases any transformative MP3 audios/ Astrology Reading using credits. Members can buy credits in "Store" and make purchase using their credits. 1 Credit Equals One Dollar.  We may also gift you some credits. There is a monthly credit use cap of 251 credits per month.

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