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Welcome to The Unexplainable Store® Terms and Conditions page! This page outlines how unexplainablestore.com operates. It governs the use of our website and all products and services we offer.  This website and its associated products are owned and run fully by The Unexplainable Store®.

It is very important that you read our TAC carefully prior to accessing any part of our website. By using any section of unexpalinablestore.com you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions we have outlined in this document.

If you do not agree to our terms of service, as set forth below, you may not utilize this website and its associated products and services at all.

Content Disclaimer

All information on our website should be reflected on as the exclusive views of The Unexplainable Store®. Our content is provided to you on an as is basis. We do not provide any warranty (express or implied) or representation regarding its accuracy, completeness, relevancy or even applicability of our content. You therefore should take full responsibility for your actions after reading our content.

When using our products, you fully understand that there is no FDA evaluation and you are accepting the risks associated. Our company will not pay for any damages arising from direct or indirect use of any material we have published on our site. Whether the damages arising are implied, direct, indirect, special, incidental or punitive, unexplainablestore.com will not be liable to any party claiming to suffer from them.

We advise our visitors to do further investigation about the information they read on this website and draw their own conclusions prior to using it. In addition, we highly recommend that you consult your doctor about the use of any of the products we display on this website prior to buying it.

If you make use of our products or information at face value, you do it at your own risk. Under no circumstances shall unexplaiablestore.com be liable for any failure, errors or damages due to matters beyond our control. You, in fact, agree to indemnify us against all claims or expenditures arising from the use of this website, its products or services in a manner not acceptable to us.

Expectations and Outcomes Disclaimer

The Unexplainable Store® does not give you assurance that our products will work overnight. We do not sell instant miracle tools on this website. What we can confirm is that our products offer different results to different people. For that reason, if you have not bought brainwave stimulation audio before, you might need to use them multiple times to yield results.

First you need to get used to how our tools work and then start gaining experience with them. We cannot state the timeline for expected results. There are some people who might get results instantly and others who might take a little longer to notice any changes as they persist in listening to their favorite albums.

But unexplainablestore.com promises constant posting of sincere opinions, beliefs, findings and other information concerning the experiences people have had with our products.

Our Testimonials

All our testimonials, published on our website, are true words that came from the customer’s mouth. We strongly believe in creating honest relationships with our customers, explaining why we seek their opinions and reviews about our products.

Our company offers free samples as a way to encourage people to share their testimonies. Therefore we cannot completely declare that the views and opinions expressed in some of our testimonials were not influenced by our freebies.

All the same our endorsements are true, as they are written by real human beings who have had experiences with our products. We offer a money-back guarantee but do not refund money if complains are brought after the set period of sixty days.

Usage Disclaimer

The Unexplainable Store produces simple tools that are thoroughly tested and found to improve mood, attitude and mental energy. However, our products have not been tested in medical situations. So you should not rely on the audio tools as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice or treatment. We strongly recommend users consult a physician or health care professional before using any brainwave entrainment if you have history of seizures, epilepsy, or other medical conditions you're not sure about. Not for use on minors. If you have any other concerns or questions about your health, always consult with a physician or health care professional. Do not start brainwave audio training if your physician or health care professional advices against it. If you feel uncomfortable while listening, simply listen at low to barely audible levels, for shorter duration or less frequently until the negative feelings subside. In the very unlikely event that you experience intense discomfort, please discontinue use.

We do not recommend brainwave audio training if you are pregnant or under eighteen years old.

Personal Use Only

The products we sell and our free samples are for personal, non-commercial use only. We reserve the right to modify or cancel your orders if we think that your use of our products and/or samples infringes any part of our terms and conditions.

Prohibited Uses

By using our site, you accept, acknowledge and confirm that you will never duplicate, reproduce, extract or use our website content in any way unless we have allowed you to do it. We offer you a limited, retractable license to access and make personal use of our site. Even so, our limited license does not involve the right to download, reproduce, redistribute or sell any site content. In addition, you agree not to use our site in a malicious or an illegal manner, including, but not limited to, transmitting illegal, profane, offensive or defamatory data or any content that could encourage an unlawful behavior. You agree not to change the functionality of our website and not to introduce malicious viruses or bots that may interfere with, damage or intercept our system. You agree to indemnify us for any losses, damages or expenditures, including attorney fees, that may result from your use of data extraction tools, malicious software or robots, or any other act you do that could cause a severe load on our servers.

Money-back Guarantee

The Unexplainable Store® offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you are protected by our money-back guarantee that is valid for 60 days. You must therefore contact us within 60 days of your purchase in order to get a refund or process an exchange.

Note: If physical and downloadable items in the same cart need to be refunded, all physical products must be returned and received before any refund is issued. Partial refunds are not possible.

Contact Details

For questions about our Terms and Conditions page, please feel free to visit our Contact Page and open a ticket to ask our esteemed customer-care representative. You may also email us directly at support@unexplainablestore.com. Emails are usually answered in less than 24 hours. But please allow up to 72 hours in rare circumstances.



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