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Product - Aura Viewing Pineal gland function
I have been listening to both recordings everyday for 1 week and i feel my intuition is sharper and my clairauduance ability became stronger. I am also able to see auras slightly when background is plain. Awesome!!!
-D. A.

Product - Courage Isochronic
Bought a ton of isochronic tones from unexplainable store and so far I'm very satisfied. Definitely useful on travels
-J. Jose

Product - ESP/Psychic
I've tried many types of meditations and still felt that something was missing or I was doing something wrong. I always found it extremely hard to quiet my mind...until I tried this one!!! I was immediately deeply relaxed and calm. My mind didn't wander, it's as if I go somewhere else. The experience is simply amazing everytime. I am definately buying a few of the packages that I've been looking at. Thank You.rn-Suzette Williams
-Suzette Williams

I already bought a download here and i felt the effects on first try itself. I was always interested in lucid dreaming so wanted to try the product. the very first night i used, i experienced vivid imageries. the dream looked more colorful. In the subsequent tries, i became lucid and aware. This product really works and i m happy to be associated with the unexplainable store. looking forward for more purchases.

Product - ESP/Psychic
I don't know if it's enhanced any ESP or Psychic abilities yet as I've only used it for the first time today. But I will say that this is the first time that my mind has ever been this clear. Ever. My mind is constantly racing and I'm constantly experiencing a thousand thoughts at once. It makes it really hard for me to stay on task, whether I'm working through something mentally or taking care of business online. My mind, for me, has NEVER been this clear nor have I ever been this relaxed and still physically. It's like this particular recording ran through and cleaned up my mind. I can't elaborate enough on how clean and clear my mind feels and on the strength of that alone, this recording has immediately become a staple in my daily routine. I will make time for this recording because it's necessary to help me keep away from anxiety and depression. I'm interested in seeing if there are any enhancements to esp or psychic abilities later on down the road but for right now, I'm just grateful to have a clear head and a calm body. Much love to you guys for this one.

Product - Good and Effective!!!
Lucid and Astral are very vell.
-Baran Fırat

Product - Esp
After my first time listening I began to fall deep into meditation. It is very soothing.
-Justin riddle

Product - manifesting
I have to say these meditations have completely allowed me to step into another state that I have been unable to reach previously. They have allowed my mind to focus and during many sessions I have felt a literal shift in my awareness almost like being jolted from a half sleep state into a more alert state. This has completely revamped my meditations and I would highly suggest to anyone.
-amy i

Product - Serotonin
I tried this purchase for the first time this morning.I woke up tired, and with a cracking headache, - but it worked right off the bat.Almost bizarrely, I realized I was in an extraordinarily good mood.Can't wait to try some more Unexplainable products!
-Dave Andrews

Product - Super Astral Package, Spirit Awareness Package Binaural
I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I'd bought similar products from other places, but with these programs, I can feel a quicker response towards relaxation and the state of mind it purposed to achieve. I felt very more relaxed and yet clear in mind to have a peaceful sensation in my being.
-TL Ang

Product - Isochronics
I haven't yet achieved concrete results from using the product, but it does make me more relaxed and focused. Overall, I'm enjoying using it and expecting to notice the benefits soon.
-Cristina Cezar

Product - 2 purchases in the 1st day
Today I purchased Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and the quality and the positive effects were so convincing that I purchased again, this time a whole set of the Classical Series, the Focus Chapter. Definitely recommended!rnZsolt (Hungary)
-Zsolt Baczai

Product - Deep Sleep
I purchased the deep sleep to assist my 8 year old to sleep. She has only used it 2 nights but it worked like a charm:) I hope it continues. Next on my list is to have my husband try.
-Lois Campbell

Product - Didn't know what to expect
I had used other quality binaural beats before I purchased this product. I wanted to try Isochronic Beats and this was the store that kept coming up. I purchased the Super Psychic Package not anticipating it to be any different / better than what I had been using. Interesting things happen when I used this product that had never happened while using the other product. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will let other people know that this is the place to come.
-Elizabeth Kelso

Product - Chakra Tuning
Greatly satisfied with my purchase. At first I was skeptical because I've used brain entrainment programs before only for them to fall short of their intended effect. Thankfully, that wasn't the case with this program. Once it started, I felt my mind relax quickly and easily, and felt each chakra be targeted in turn. Once the session ended, I felt much more energetic and just more connected in general. It was great! I am definitely planning to buy more sessions on here in the future.
-Jerry Hartman

Product - Manifest
It was really awesome.
-Ravish Shaunak

Product - Positive Mindset
I bought the Positive mindset recording and I must say it works.rnrnA.M.

Product - Expectations
I just purchased the "IQ increase"; on the first listen I was impressed by the quality of the sound and truly enjoyed by the the sound of the isochronic tone but absolutely disliked the instrumental music that overlaps it. One of the music components is sound of various drum sounds and since I am not fond of any "broken" music, it was not pleasant to listen it ..but I will give it a few sessions to see the affect and will return with my final feedback :)

Product - Multiple Downloads
This music is positively life changing. Allergy Aid- This Isochronic left my sinuses feeling cleared, I could feel what felt like blocked energy being popped throughout my nasal passages right to my ears. It was quite a relief to feel such a change in such a short time, being able to breathe through my nose is a blessing. Love Yourself Isochronic- This one is just marvelous, everytime I listen to it it seems to sweep me away. I fet like my heart was breathing with me such a magical moment. Courage Isochronic- This is my favourite one for what it has given me. I am somone who is trying to overcome her fear of EVERYTHING... this has helped me go a long way in such a short time. when I was listening to this one I could feel all of my fear butterfly's rising from my Sacral chakra and then I felt it being swept away, I know that it has awakend me to the power animals, Bear, leopard and cobra. I mean there presence I have felt ever since lisenting to this tone, magnificent times indeed. I mean I still have a small way to go but it's pretty cool knowing that such a strong trio has your back haha. The Chakra Package- This one was great I felt so tall and balanced after completing it. The next day i was walking very tall and with a lot of power. Achivement isochronic- This got me out of my self indulgent slump and motivated again working towards my goals in life. I just love the way this one sounds as well. Confidence Builder- I found this one quite good for quieting the negative inner voice that rears it's ugly head,which used to be taking up a considerable amount of precious head space,now it's not so much but I know if I were in more of a routine of listening to this tone that negative nagging would be completely irradicated. I noticed a big difference in myself after this one, I wasn't second guessing myself anymore and was a lot more direct with people when they were attempting to boss me around(i'm no longer a push over). I'm a go with the flow type but it's quite liberating to stand up for yourself and your points of view rather than wishing you had the confidence to speak up. This tone is empowering!! I will definately be purchasing more beautiful music from this store in the future, because it works!!! I'm just so happy it's in my life.
-Ashley Joyce

Product - Efficient!
I've been facing sleeping issue for months and the deep sleep Brainwave is a wonderful and real support!
-Nathalie Ochsenbein

Product - Isochronics
I can not stress enough how wonderful these products are and therefore would like to mention the excellent results attainted by using these products. I purchased the Weight Loss Program and the changes I went through were remarkable. I easily adapted a healthy lifestyle and dropped the weight easily and quickly. The mind is very powerful and with the right tools, like these products, we can manifest anything we desire. I thank The Unexplainable Store for sharing such beautiful tools.
-Carmen Labbe

Product - ESP/Spirit/Lucid Dream
Love these recordings. During the ESP/Psychic recording I was able to connect with my higher self and was told I was not ready to have psychic gifts yet. This is awesome! Listening to this recording enabled me to receive this message. Still working on Lucid Dreaming and connecting with my Spirit Guides, but definitely feel huge progress!

Product - Automatic Writting
I did bought a lot from this store, a very good quality, after 2 minute I start to realize what I was doing, everything came to me so easily : )
-Lavallee Sonny

Product - Dive Quickly and Deeply, HT
I have been using Brainwaves to help relax, sleep and even for pain and it has never failed. I like the fact there are no drugs used and I get the results I want. I recently got the complete Healing tunes and I am going through all of them and I feel good knowing that I am doing something to keep me healthy. I always recommend the "Dive Quickly and Deeply" its about 10mins and I have never heard the end! it sends me to sleep every time.

Product - effect
Its works really, helps to sleep, work and create !

Product - Creativity Package
I just wanted to tell you that I am loving the Creativity package I bought from you, it's really helping me become a better Artist and just in general, with everyday life. The music at the end of the Free Flow track is amazing, it is so Heavenly...but it is so short. Hope to see an entire track with this music along with the subliminal messages.:) Thanks and kindest regards
-Deborah C

Product - Alpha Music And Bells
I've tried meditating on my own, as a beginner your mind travels 100 miles an hour in 10 different directions. I tried alpha music and bells, now I'm back for the meditation package!
-Kim V

Product - Peak Performance
I have Bought now two of your Binaural Beats, We are very impressed with Both of them including the Peak Performance. Thank you so Much! We had no idea..
-Barbara A

Product - Weight Loss Package
I love your program. Best one I've found so far, especially the "wake up" part. When using most of the other recordings I purchased elsewhere, I have fallen asleep during, and have a crick in my neck afterwards, wondering if they do any good if I don't remember anything. I've used this one 3 times, one time very late at night and I never fell asleep once, even though I was very deeply relaxed. Also I've noticed new information every time I listen to it. Bravo!!
-Krista M

Product - Manifestation
I just listened to the manifesting program for the first time. I really enjoyed the altered state. Both programs I used so far have put me under better than anything I have ever used.
-Bob C

Product - Achievement
I have purchased a few of your downloads and am impressed with all I have tried. These downloads work better than anything I have ever tried. I'm ready for a couple more!
-Jamie G

Product - ESP/Phychic
I just bought your ESP download. When I used it, I was immediately able to concentrate and focus my consciousness inwardly without being distracted by life's events. I will continue to use it. It was well worth the money and I will probably purchase more.
-Bev C

Product - Immune System
I love my first download from you guys. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future.
-Rob G

Product - Reaching Out
I have listened to the tape and it is great for affirmations and relaxation. I will also want something a little longer in length later.
-Hana S

Product - ESP/Phychic
I have been reading about binaural beats for a while now and they really work. I have bought the ESP/Psychic recording and plan to buy more. As long as you believe you wont be disappointed.
-Max Mason

Product - Meditation Pacakge
Since my last email to you, I lost my job. I have not missed a day of work in 36 years. I was a corporate executive earning 125K per year and I am now unemployed! What a shock. I woke up this morning at 3:00am literally terrified. Today I merged two of your meditation tracks and I can not begin to tell you how they have helped me. I have the alpha music and bells followed by the theta music and bells. I got into a very comfortable chair, loosened my clothing and closed my eyes. I had on stereo headphones. Now please understand that I have MILLIONS of negative and terrifying doom and gloom thoughts in my head. These are not easy to just dismiss. However as the alpha started, I pictured myself walking alongside a swiftly moving stream of water. As the water rushed past me, it somehow was able to start to wash my fears and my anger away. It did it slowly but it did it none the less. I could see different problems being washed off of my body and into the fast rushing water. When the Theta kicked in, I could see that my walk up that long path was over, I could tell that most if not all of my fears and problems had been washed away, and I had arrived at a beautiful pool of water with a waterfall. It was so pretty. There was a giant stone wall behind the waterfall looked like granite, and it was pulsating a very light blue color. It was so beautiful. The area that I could sit on or walk on around the the pool that the waterfall emptied into was made of very short and beautiful grass. At times I would sit on the grass and let my feet dip into the pool. Then I would stand and actually dive into the pool and swim around. Then back out onto the grass where I was able to recline so comfortably. When the theta came to an end, the pool of water and waterfall just faded away, but I knew I would be back. I felt refreshed and happy as strange as that may sound at this time in my life. Thank you for this amazing gift.
-James T

Product - Brainwave Entrainment Theta
I've been looking at your products for quite sometime. Finally I decided to try one. I bought the Brainwave Entrainment Theta mp3. I've been practicing meditation for years, and I have done fine getting to alpha. I wanted to go deeper! But my mind wouldn't cooperate. I was pretty sure this would work, and I was not disappointed. I've only had it for one day, and I have listened for about an hour and a half collectively. It does exactly what I want it to! I am just so excited I can hardly stand it! Now I know what Theta feels like! It's as good as the best chocolate I ever tasted! And I really am picky about my chocolate. My mind moves in to Theta quickly and easily, and I put it on repeat so that I can just lay down and let myself melt in to the pleasure of it all. It's fantastic! Really! Now I can see why people want to live up in the mountains and just meditate all day for years and years. Thanks so much for making these things available to us at a reasonable price. That's why I was able to do it right now. I will be coming back for more as soon as I can. Again, Thank You!
-Pam W

Product - Chakra/Meditation/Manifestation Package
I purchased the combo meditation Alpha, Theta, Chakra and Manifestation Package. So far so good. I have enjoyed all of them and find them a great aid to my regular meditation. When I listened to the Chakra one, I could actually tell which Chakra was being targeted. I felt sensation in the corresponding areas of my body. I am looking forward to continued use and new discoveries.
-Leslie J

Product - Deep Sleep
These products are good. Initially I thought these things were there to fleece people out of money but after purchasing "Deep sleep" for the heck of it and trying out, I was amazed. I could feel the nerves in my brain relax and unwind as the brainwaves were altered. So, I guess, I was wrong about binaural technology. It does aid in therapeutic treatment to cure insomnia, sleep apnea, and fatigue. I just listened to it for one session and I felt, I slept for a few hours. Then I listened to it again and finally drifted into sleep. I also bought Spirit guide as I am a bit spiritually inclined. I will buy other beats for sure and also recommend my friends into this.
-Shreeram B

Product - Spirit Guide Contact
I purchased "Spirit guide" I could see some red eye following me in my meditation each time I switched on it. It was quite weird but real fun. After the session I found myself totally relaxed.
-Shreeram B

Product - Deep Sleep
I used Deep sleep it is fantastic and I drifted into sleep soon. I will buy more such binaural beats.
-Lalitha B

Product - Christ Consciousness
There was a breakthrough moment where a long forgotten issue was cleared up; revelatory, like something washed over me. All in all, uplifting and peaceful.
-Parry B

Product - Christ Consciousness
Hi! I originally purchased Christ Consciousness a few weeks ago and truly thought it was magnificent! I felt completely relaxed and alive at the same time! The effects of listening to this wonderful recording stayed with me -- a gift that keeps on giving! Today, I purchased the Health Package and definitely look forward to buying more in the future! Thank you very much!
-Maria D

Product - Dive Quickly and Deeply
A few days ago, I bought a binaural rhythm from you, "Dive Quickly and Deeply". I have always had problem with my sleep, even as a little kid, says my mother (I am now 47 yrs. old). When I listened to the music for the first few times, I had difficulties to accept this new routine. I used to have an absolute silence in my bedroom. So I began to listen to it several times a day, in order to cope with the music so my mind would accept it. Since two nights ago, every time I listen to it, I feel after some seconds, like falling gently from a steep slope in a deep valley of calmness. A few seconds later, I am sleeping!
-Shahram K M.D

Product - Health Package
Thank you so much for your wonderful "Health" recordings. I tried only the "Immune system" and the "Overall good health" so far. It's amazing how things are changing in my body. I have type-1 diabetes since my childhood with the full set of severe complications. My diabetes is a worst case diabetes "fragile diabetes". I will wait for sometime to see if the changes will continue before I disclose them here. Finally, thank you for the excellent service that you provide.
-Rodney B

Product - Astral Free Flow Package
I recently purchased the free flow astral travel package from you. The first time I used it I quickly went into a relaxed state, to the point that I could not feel my body. The only sensation I had was my thoughts. Also I had really clear visualizations . This has happened every time since on the four occasions. I have used it. I have been using other peoples binaural beats for the past year but have never had such dramatic results as these. I shall certainly be purchasing more of yours in the future.
-John G

Product - Shaman Consciousness
I purchased Shaman Consciousness recording yesterday. I have found this recording to be very soothing. I felt enveloped by the sound and as though I was in a realm of spiritual comfort. Vivid images came to me as well as voices answering questions I have been contemplating for some time. It is very hard for me to explain the sensations felt by binaural beats but I plan to further explore these experiences. Thank you.
-Andrew C

Product - Manifestation
This recording is very special and different from the others that I have used so far. It fills me with powerful energy, joy and the feeling of being stronger and happier. A special thank you for the this very special recording.
-Rodney B

Product - Chakra Stimulation
I tried the 60 minutes all chakras and it was so effective that it made me feel something like currents flowing inside my body. I used it a couple of times everyday. After a few days I returned back to the 20 minutes and found it as effective as the 60 minutes recording. Since then, if I didn't have enough time, I use the 20 minute recording. Otherwise, the 60 minutes recording is the one that fills my head and crop with amazingly healing energy. In my last testimonial I mentioned that the provided service is excellent. I was wrong because only a couple of days later I found it to be much more and much better than just an excellent service. It's a service that can only be provided by a man who trusts and loves his creations (products) and in the mean time cares so much about the customers. Thank you for all your recordings and your care and I hope that I will have time to purchase and try all the recordings that interest me.
-Rodney B

Product - Chakra Stimulation
I have downloaded a few of your programs and like them all. Especially the 20m Chakra recording. I feel pleasant sensations at different points in my body throughout the recording and feel an overall sense of euphoria. Also, I am starting to find that I feel mentally refreshed and more focused after listening. It has peaked my curiosity enough about chakras that now I want to buy each of the individual chakra recordings. In fact, I would like to request one of those as my free selection (heart chakra). I would also like to add that I like the fact that in the descriptions of most of your recordings you say specifically how the brainwave entrainment will work. For example, I bought the past life regression recording based on your claim that it would work to maintain brainwaves at the alpha-theta border range, not because I wanted to do past-life regression. I actually use it for outcome visualization sessions and have had a wonderful experience with using it that way. I would be very curious to know which frequencies are used for the chakra tunings.
-Anne B

Product - ESP/Phychic
I purchased the ESP Binaural Beat mp3 and immediately listened to it. I have a very bad habit of falling fast asleep during meditation and was extremely pleased to find myself conscious and yet deeply meditative through out and having some initial profound experiences that I have not had before, such as physical sensations and warmth in my hands and a strong sense of energy moving in and around me at times. I enjoyed this experience immensely and look forward to more.
-E Farrow

Product - Lucid Dreaming
Normally I can hardly remember my dreams next morning except little bits and pieces vaguely. last night I put your binaural beat recording to the test. It was like i was both dreaming and awake at the same time. My dreams were much clearer and no longer black and white but in colors too. Wow thanks!
-Fernando C

Product - Manifestation
I used the manifestation 30min. and I was crying, but it was tears of joy. Does this really happen to people? I felt refreshed. after the session.
-Shatesha A

Product - Astral Projection
I have meditated on and off for most of my life and have had some interesting experiences. I down loaded your astral projection package last evening and found it amazing! In just one session I was able to confirm that what I experienced years ago and which took much practice was astral projection. What a great product! It took me to a level of meditation that I was only able to achieve with years of practice in just one session. Not to mention that when researching binaural beat recordings your was by far the most affordable and convenient. I look forward to using more of your products.
-Wes W

Product - Creativity
I have used several of your recordings and am very pleased with the results. I have already got your free flow and problem solver, and I am about to download your creativity balancer and visualization recordings. Thank You
-John G

Product - ESP/Phychic
I have ordered the ESP program and I have recommended it to my sister as well. Before I purchased it, I tried the free download. The 10 minute program on first use, made me fall deep into sleep or relaxation at my desk. I was shocked at how deeply I went into meditation and how quickly. I have never experienced anything like it. I have been doing meditations for about a year and can never get completely relaxed because of noise interruptions. I already have acute hearing and everything little sound seems to break my concentration. With this program I am able to stay within a zone without budging. I will usually listen to this program on the headset while laying down at night. What I have been experiencing is amazing. My sense of my surroundings is very profound and recently I have been awakened several times at around 3 a.m. for no apparent reason or simple sounds. I love this program!! Thank you.
-Racheal M

Product - Calm Down
I just ordered the "calm down" recording for stress relief. It is THE most relaxing recording I have ever used. I will definitely be trying some of the other titles shortly.
-Stephanie S

Product - Creativity, Meditation, Chakra
We have been using the Binaural beats everyday since we got them without fail. I have been meditating off and on for about 13 yrs and have used other brainwave frequency products but none of them have had such a strong effect on me as your binaural beats. I know this because everyday, I make time to listen them as they work and work immediately. I don't know what makes yours different from the others but whatever it is, keep it up. I am using the Brainwave Entrainment, Creativity and have tried the Chakra. Can't say which is my favorite yet as I use the Alpha/Theta and Creativity the most. Thanks I am looking forward to trying the others. I want to try the ESP/Package. Thanks again,
-Ty F

Product - Long and Short Term Memory
The product I purchased called long and short term memory is a great product. It gives me the mental enhancer I need to exercise and strengthen my focus and concentration to memorize facts and events. Using something natural and spiritual is the way to go. I would like to add to this growth by requesting your Achievement-Motivation recording. together I believe this combination will give the discipline and focus needed to reach my goals this year. Thank you again for these programs.
-Rich B

Product - ESP/Phychic
I bought the ESP binaural beats, and feel fully confident that this system is working slowly but surely. I have had that "The Phone Is Gonna ring" feeling alot more than previously before.
-Erich S

Product - Hypnosis
I just wanted to say that this recording had many profound effects while I was using it. I felt as though my body had a lead x-ray blanket put on. I was aware of my thoughts (or it could have been my will/spirit) but the rest was so relaxing that I "felt" ready for suggestions. I now use this recording before I use my suggestion recordings as a sort of "supplement" to them. It may take 30 minutes longer, BUT I now KNOW that I will have things written to my subconscious. These recording are absolutely magnificent and I expect many great things! Thanks.
-Alex W

Product - Chakra, Manifestation, Meditation, Christ Consciousness and Sleep
Hey there Jim, I'd like to say thank you for your wonderful products. So far I have the meditations, manifestation, chakra tuning, Christ consciousness and sleep, and there's many more I'm interested in. since I started using your products about a month ago, my mind has been clearer and more peaceful and I've felt a greater connection to God. your products were just what I needed to help me along my spiritual journey. I actually cried tears of joy listening to the manifestation audio! again, thank you and god bless!
-Cameron W

Product - Memory Enhancement
I wanted to tell you that I listened to the recording last night when I downloaded it to my computer. It was so amazing. I even felt good this morning when I woke up. I usually wake up in a lot of pain everywhere. I expect this isochronic recording does more than just memory. Thank you for all your help. You have been very kind and courteous.

Product - Meditation
Returning customer, best customer service on the net by an independent company. More people should know about this website as the products really do work and the level of customer care is exceptional!
-Zara H.

Product - Several Purchases
I want to start off first by saying, WOW! Your product is simply fantastic! I have the following downloads and here's my report on them all: Chakras full package- I have never been able to stimulate or open my Chakras before listening to your music. The full Chakras download awakened all of my Chakras and gave me a tingly feeling as if all my cells were being affected. As soon as I completed the session, my mood and body felt so alive! Ultimate Chakra Package- Okay, to me it seems like since my Chakras were already stimulated from the 60 min session, the individual tracks took it to another level. I could actually feel each area being treated in the (7) sessions of 15 minutes each. It was so blissful and allowed me to focus my energy in healing on that individual Chakra. Christ Consciousness- I felt so thankful to be alive when listening to this track. It made me actually feel like I was receiving energy from the universe into my spirit. During this session, I continued feel thankful for all my many blessings. Esp/Psychic- Seems to open my mind and attach me to another unknown experience. I don't know how to express that any other way. The experience seems and feels magical. I love it! Lucid Dreams- I love this track. It really relaxes me and I notice that the next day when I awake, I can remember my dreams. I always had problems remembering my dreams the next day. It also seems like I am conscious while dreaming and I can make changes to the dream as I have done a few times. Normally my dreams go in the direction planned and if I do remember it the next day, it's usually and outcome that I didn't want. The pleasant tones of strings, tones and the ocean are soothing during this session. I believe it also relieves some of my stress as well. Manifestation- I believe that this one is a process and I will continue the necessary steps. I believe that since you can determine the outcome of your dreams and desires, you can Manifest the outcome as if it has already happened for you. Once we stop the compulsive thought process, the doubting and allow stress and anxiety to completely become non-existent, then and only then will Manifestation be possible. Astral Projection- I felt my body trying to Astral project, but it was scary for me because it seemed like I couldn't breath and I immediately opened my eyes to snap out of it. I believe that I need to free my mind, and continue to relax during the Creativity free flow session, so that when I get to the Astral Projection track I am not thinking about trying to make it happen instead it should happen naturally with absolutely no thought involved. Again, conscious compulsive thought!!!! I will be purchasing more in the future and start with these tracks in the meantime. Thank you for creating a product that works! Many scams on the net make us all skeptical about purchasing anything these days, so it's a breath of fresh air to actually get what you expect.
-P. Jones

Product - Ultimate Chakra Package and Ultimate Mind Package
As a blanket statement, FINALLY I have found useful and practical tools to assist me on my path of physical, Spiritual and intellectual development and well being! I have tried many methods of relaxation, meditation, physical exercise and have always attempted to maintain a healthy diet and mind. At first, I was intrigued to order the Ultimate Chakra package and the Utlimate Mind package after listening to the impressive free relaxation download, which facilitated almost immediate physical and mental relaxation and calm. When I opened my eyes after the recording finished I felt as though I had the best restorative sleep and my stresses and worries of the day had vanished and literally the room I was in was visually crisp and fresh. That feeling and perspective stayed with me well into the next day when I could sit and listen again. Eventually, I did order the Chakra and Mind packages mentioned above. There is a tangible physical, intellectual and Spiritually universal healing connection that I feel after listening to my recordings. I have experienced astute and intuitive insights as well as a great sense of balance, peace, joy and Love like never before. QUICKLY! These recordings get to the root and core, accessing parts of me that I have not been able to in such a short time or at all. I am thankful to Jim for his research and developments and his sharing of these technologies. He is sincere, appreciative and professional in his service to his customers and that really does make a difference. Thanks again!
-Lawrence G

Product - Anxiety Aid
I have read on the internet (and from my friend that recommended you) that your customer service is "above and beyond" - my experience mirrors that assessment.
-Andrew C

Product - Christ Consciousness
When I put on my Christ Consciousness to unwind at the end of the day, I feel like my whole existence, conscious and subconsciously, I reach a level of peace and well-being that is indescribable. I also noticed a big difference in how I was reacting to my surroundings, and its been a whole new learning experience with life ever since, and it only has evolved from one level to the next. I look forward to taking time out of the day for this amazing experience, every time I put this audio on, I enjoy it.
-Joshua Barbosa

Product - Creative Visualization
Since I ordered the Creative Visualization recording things started happening-RIGHT AWAY!!!!!! From the first few minutes the way it started I saw color flashes filaments of glowing sparks. This is a beautiful and powerful recording. I played it for my wife last night and she said it was incredible. (She has a vivid visualization ability and is able to see images appear before her with her eyes open but she said it gave her a deep calming effect that she loved.) Thank you for this work you are doing. I know it is going to change our lives. Your friend

Product - Esp/Psychic and Manifestation
I bought the psychic and the manifestation bundles. Mostly I've been listening to these three - Manifestation, ESP and Telepathy. I'm getting great benefit. I've noticed is that things I've been wanting to change or manifest have just improved on their own. For instance, I've been trying to master a rhythm with a song I'm learning on piano which I've been struggling with and all of a sudden it just came together. I've been wanting to socialize more and suddenly I have several opportunities this week. I've been trying to learn some new software for work and I'm making progress easily. To be able to move forward in my life with ease is such a great benefit. I'm really very pleased and very grateful for your wonderful store and terrific newsletters. Just wanted to say thanks!

Product - 60 Minute Chakra Stimulation
I just want to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for the wonderful recordings you provide, so far I have bought the DNA recording and the Chakra tuning recording and since I've been listening to the recordings everyday I've been feeling fantastic. I particularly like the 60 min chakra tuning recording as I can actually feel the pleasant sensations moving up through my body as I listen. These recordings have definitely changed my life and I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have more energy and I've been feeling more motivated and creative just by tuning my chakras! Thank you so much!!
-Wendy L.

Product - Chakra, Christ Consciousness, Remote Viewing, ESP, Shaman
Hey, I just wanted to tell you I have purchased a lot of your stuff I have your spirit guide, 20 minute chakra, and I have each chakra the 15 minutes, remote viewing, ESP, Christ Consciousness, Shaman consciousness, . Now I will tell you what I got from it. I felt something amazing doing the 20 minute chakra then follow doing them separate I could feel each one getting tuned it was amazing. On the Christ one I felt so at peace and happy and so much joy and I believe that the more I do it the better it's going to get. I have done them all the ones I bought and I believe your products are wonderful but you have to make a commitment to doing them for major effects. I thank you so much this is what I needed so much on my spiritual journey and to work with getting in touch with psychic abilities. Next I want to get telepathy, manifestation, creativity, past life regression, I hope to have them soon. I believe in your work. I thank you so much.

Product - Confidence: Love Yourself
The effect of this recording is amazing. I have used many different recordings in the past, including binaural beats. Nothing has ever had the effect that this recording has. When the session is finished I feel amazing. It's almost like magic.

Product - ESP/Phychic
I have been using the ESP/Psychic Isochronic from the date of purchase, morning night and anywhere in-between. I give my thanks to you because I am starting to experience ESP/Psychic effects.... Absolutely Fantastic!!! I know there are other levels and I wish to purchase them. Many Thanks

Product - Anxiety Aid
Thank You! I am welling up with tears. The Anxiety Aid is, well, there aren't words to describe how much of a relief it is. This is better than a syringe filled with Ativan. The anxiety is gone completely from me. I am currently taking up to 2mg of Klonipin per day and have been on it for about 19 years. I still suffer even with 2 mg dose and if I took more it still wouldn't accomplish what this recording does. It took about 30 seconds for the anxiety to go away with the isochronic recording and another 30 seconds for that anxiety to be replaced by a feeling of warmth and complete relief and the chest pains disappeared. I am going to show your web site to my psychiatrist and strongly suggest he start prescribing your iso recording before giving out controlled substances. I don't know why I didn't buy this recording from you first.
-Scott K.

Product - Sleep
I can't believe that I listened to the very short sleep recording last night and was out before the 10 minutes was up, despite my skepticism. These are great.

Product - Meditation
Again thank you so much for your audios, it has changed my life so much. They're easy and so much fun. I personally have never been so happy about life and I have told a lot of people about these audios. i hope it can help them like it has helped me.

Product - Chakra
I purchased the Chakra Stimulation (20 mins) and the Self love tracks and WOW! The self love is the one that did it for me. I felt like i was being invaded and surrounded by an enery of pure love and peace. It felt like a total state of blissfulness. I slept like a baby afterwards.

Product - Serotonin
have purchased Serotonin - I use every morning I love it - it really does put a happy face on for the rest of the day. Then there is relaxation (full package) I use that when I get home - the body actually goes limp I am so relaxed.
-Mike T.

Product - General Comment
Incredibly powerful tools- I am so incredibly satisfied with what i am working with here. I've tried other materials (subliminal, etc.) that just does not come close to the material that you offer.

Product - ESP/Phychic, Remote Viewing, Telepathy
I'm so glad I found your site! I've been having a difficult time meditating and removing my mental blocks. Other CD's with binaural beats and guided meditations have not helped me. I've wasted so much time listening to these CD's and I was never able to get relaxed at all. After downloading the telepathy, ESP, and remote brainwave recordings I was in a state of deep relaxation in just minutes! And this was listening to them on my laptop with some inexpensive headphones. I've been trying so hard to achieve this state of meditation and you've made it so easy!!! Thank you so much! I will definitely be a returning customer and I will tell my friends about your products.
-Heather G.

Product - Serotonin and Sleep
Thank you so much! I love the Serotonin Recording. I listened to it last night, then immediately followed it with the Dive Quickly and was out like a light (and in a good mood at the same time lol). I'm so happy that I have found a way to fall asleep, and stay asleep, without having to depend on stupid pills anymore. I think the next one I'm going to buy is the IQ one; I can't wait!

Product - ESP/Phychic, Telepathy, and Prosperity
I started using the ESP and Telepathy, and Prosperity binaural beats in 2008. During 2009 I set up an export company and generated 20 million of local currency in agricultural business for the country equiv US$20,000 in just six months. I found my psychic business expanded and started to use my acting skills to act in a local weekly tv soap opera. I recommend your beats on my radio show and to clients. I am participating in a psychic show in Russia and would like to continue with the brain exercise. I found the binaural beats a huge benefit when meditating for connecting and visualizing.
-Diane C.

Product - DNA Stimulation
I purchased your DNA Stimulation Isochronic disk and I have been totally amazed at what's happening to me! The first time I kinda let it run about 3 or 4 times because it felt good. LOL It wasn't long before I was seeing a gentle water fall on a rocky wall in a silhouette fashion that when it splashed on the rocks the splashes were sparks of yellow and orange....then I could see a silhouette-ish image of myself...and I looked happy.....I also saw this thing that looked like a wheel made of soft grasses spinning slowly counter clockwise which changed into this wide ladder-esque thing that I eventually realized was DNA. It didn't dawn on me the title of what I was listening to until the next morning when I had time to think about it. LOL I have never done yoga...don't know a thing about breathing and this stuff ROCKS! I get this abundance of energy that lasts all day long and I feel so happy for the first time in forever! I can't thank you enough for this product!
-Marcia M.

Product - Aura Viewing
The aura viewing beats I bought are INCREDIBLE after the first try I began to see the auras of not only people but plants and trees without much effort.
-Asen P.

Product - Hair Loss / HGH
I just LOVE the HGH CD...... I told you that I had to stop doing it in the night time cause it gave me to much of an energy boast and I couldn't sleep........... And then I also told you that my hair is getting thicker.......Well tonight playing family Scrabble with my two sister's they said to me "Wow, what are you doing for your hair, it's so much thicker looking" 'What are you using"........... HGH CD ONLY BABY !!!!!!!
-Jan B.

Product - Prosperity
I purchased the Prosperity ISO - while skeptical, I decided I'd give it a try. I listened every day - sometimes both in the morning upon waking and before going to bed. I hadn't been struggling financially, but really only just squeaking by. As a hobby I play poker on occasion, and am fairly good, but had never won any significant tournaments. However, within 3 weeks of purchasing the Prosperity recording, I entered a tournament with 42000 entrants - each of us paid $11 to play - I won $23,000! In addition, at work, my sales are up 25% year over year since listening to the recording. I can't attribute it to anything but the recording. Many Thanks!
-Robert A.

Product - Shaman Consciousness
After listening to Shaman Consciousness, I definitely was very much in an altered state. The deep meditative state that this recording produces is very much in keeping with the sort of state that some shamanic practices induce. Hence, this recording very much lives up to its name. I can only imagine the great power that this recording can add to sincere spiritual work. Instead of dealing with the challenges of coming out of the hustle and bustle of daily life and attempting to get into a balanced and grounded state of mind for spiritual workings, now a person can take 20 minutes out of their day, listen to this recording, and begin manifesting. The best way I can put it is that this recording kick starts a person's consciousness, and gets one in a deep spiritual, other worldly mindset. I am definitely going to use this recording before beginning any of my vision and dream work. Unexplainable Store, thank you again for another priceless gem!

Product - No Regrets
Since I have began to using the "No regrets" tone, many different thresholds have been opening in my life. I do not feel angry, bitter, spiteful, or any other type of guilt that is holding me back from becoming calm and clear headed. I truly thank my creator for revealing this to me. I have taken this tone as an aid for what I have been trying to do for years. I feel my happiness, creativity, shalom, etc finally being able to pass through me with ease.
-Thad R.

Product - Christ Consciousness
I just listened to the isochronic recording Christ Consciousness, and the effect is nothing short of amazing. It brought about a profound feeling of happiness, and prayerful balance. It allowed me to feel very peaceful, and simply feel the presence of sacredness around me. I think this sacredness is always there, but this recording brought me to a place where I could feel this amazing otherworldly energy. The music is beautiful, and the effect is transcendent. I feel peaceful, relaxed, centered, and ready for a very spiritual and joyous day. Thank you!
-James B.

Product - Stay Alert
I use a few of your products and have passed along by word of mouth. My back ground was in Clinical Psychology, I used Hypnosis: Medical, and Clinical for over twenty years. Your products are right on point. I've earned two Doctorate's many years ago, I would have used these products in my practice. Thanks again!
-Dr. A J Jackson PHD

Product - Meditation : Brainwave Entrainment Alpha
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the "Brainwave Entrainment Alpha" recording. I am loving the Alpha state! I feel so relaxed, but effective. My concentrations is definitely much improved, and I feel very balanced. Excellent product.
-James B

Product - ESP/Phychic
I just listened to your isochronic "ESP/Psychic" recording, and the effects are nothing short of amazing. I remember a little over 20 years ago when I began practicing yoga and meditation, and my psychic channels and abilities began opening up. The feeling I get from the ESP/Psychic recording is very much the same sort of feeling I got during that amazing time of spiritual exploration. I am delighted with your product, and can't wait to use this regularly as a tool for my psychic development.
-James B.

Product - Ultimate Chakra Package
Ultimate chakra pkg, (wow): I have been studying esoteric knowledge for over 20 years, am a member of two respected initiatic orders, and have ammassed a $10,000 library. In addition, I have been meditating for more years than that, with amazing results. However, I am so pleased to say that your products, have captivated my attention with an enthusiastic new interest in the information and technology of your recordings. I knew there was something to the recordings when I woke up drooling on myself subsequent to listening to the Eternal bliss recording, lol. After a long career of 60-80 hrs per week and shift work, I find myself needing more of that "me" time to recharge my batteries. I did order the sleep package as well. I have read the excellent material before embarking on the Chakra journey and believed I have released a major blockage at my root chakra. I felt Strong energy come on like a light switch during the first session I'm keeping a journal where after the third session I experienced a cleansing, where a minor bout of nausea manifested, which is in no doubt a direct release of toxic energy build up. I had a similar experience years ago during a Hermetic process. After the next session, it had flattened out. Now I'm doing the next one. Very powerful and impressive. Due to my above average knowledge and experience, when I write my testimony I will shy away from my personal nausea experience, as not to be negatively suggestive; everyone's trek is unique. However, I shall strongly suggest the journal, and purchasing the individual recordings in the Ultimate Package, w membership of course, (great idea BTW), and following with other ones for the on the go or tune ups as you suggested.

Product - Sleep
bottom line... If I could get my money back on all of the tapes, CDs, etc... I have purchased to help me sleep from Nightengale Conant and others, I could probably buy a good used motorcycle lol. Your recordings put me down like sodium penathol before surgery, period. (I've had many lol) NOTHING compares. The only recording that came remotely close less than 25% effective was the Secret CD's. I find it wonderfully and synchronistically interesting that my first informational piece from you was the Manifestation packages, which I think I will purchase next to assist in something I'm experimenting with called the "90 Second Rule".

Product - Customer Service
This was hands down the best customer service experience I've had. I made the mistake in ordering the wrong item, I notified the Co. to see what could be done. The service rep went up and beyond, not only did they resolve my mistake but gave me credit toward another item. Unheard of, THANK YOU for being a real Co. and not just another profit driven whore that has no regard for its customers.
-Paul W.

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